Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Yay! These things...(Oh and when I say relationship, I mean the kind of relationship where a guy says "I like you" and the girl says "I like you too" or vice versa.) Soooooooo relationships. The big R word. Some people hate this word. Some people get a bad taste in their stomachs when they here it. Some people love the fact that they are in one with someone else and seem to just smear it in your face with their lovey doveyness. Regardless of all these things, relationships are out there smacking you in the face, and it seems to get worse with age.

Now some people might blame our culture and say *puts on wide rimmed glasses and does hipster impression* "Society tells us that we must grow up and get married and have kids and conform. I don't want to conform, I just want to be a leaf carried by the winds of unconventionality and just be with someone when I please." Well person who I would probably rather not associate myself with, I don't think that's necessarily true. While sure there are some people who don't want to find one stable relationship with someone for the rest of their lives, there are a bunch more who would much rather be with a single companion they can depend on. I don't think it has all to do with society, I think it has to do with something deeper in mostly everyone. That sense of security, that ability to know that you have someone that will always be there for you and that you can tell anything to.

Right now I'm at a strange time in my life where I really want to have a relationship with someone yet at the same time I'm super happy that I'm single. I can see benefits on both hands. If I was in a relationship then I would get to have that person that I can be close to and talk to about things that were going on in my life and be close to. Now sure I have my best friend but anyone who has ever been in fairly good relationship can tell you that it's just different. Being Single on the other hand I can explore who I am even further before I meet that girl and do WHATEVER I want to do. I can explore, I can go off and just be by myself for a while, and do whatever i want without feeling as though I was abandoning her to do my thing.

Anywhooo, that's just what I've been thinking about.

I have many friends with wide brimmed glasses and I like them.

Am I the only person who hates hanging out with couples, for long periods of time.

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