Friday, September 18, 2009

Staying Put

So lately I've been wondering what causes a person to stay put where they are?

What I mean by that is, what causes a person to stay at the place they are living and keeps them from just up and leaving to go and explore the great unknown? I guess there are more than one reason for any person. But I mean what makes people stay where they are for the majority of the people? Is it a loss of comfort, knowing that if you leave you would be leaving what you know? Is it a fear of disappointing loved ones, such as family or close friends? Is it a fear that you might struggle financially? Is it all, some, or none of these things? Maybe it's something else. Who knows? I know it's not impossible, people have done it. But what keeps us, who know we would never leave, from leaving? Heck, what made the people who did leave, leave?

I think this might be an important question to ask ourselves, especially if we ever got to a place in our lives where we felt like things were empty. We can look around us and say "Hey something in my life is keeping me here." or "You know what, there is nothing keeping me here at all." There have been times where I've looked out the window of my car and thought "What's keeping me here? Why don't I just leave and see if I can find adventure somewhere? Or find a place in the woods where I can be alone for a while and just spend time with God?" Then I think "Ya know, I have people all around me that I love and that love me. I'm not doin too bad at all. And one of the greatest challenges in life is having a relationship with God in a world where it's not all that accepted. Heck, if I can do that here, then I've accomplished something."

I dunno, maybe it's not all that important of a question to ask. But try it anyways. Maybe you'll realize something about your surroundings that you hadn't before.

That's just what I've been wondering.

For some reason "Put" is a weird word to me. Look at the way it's spelled and the way it sounds, it's just too awkward for me.

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